Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Joy of Rugs!

Rugs can make a huge impact in a room. Rugs add comfort, color, softness, and warmth to your house. How do you decide what size rug you need? There is not an exact science to this however, here are some good guidelines that might help you decide...

Bedrooms - Decide whether you want the rug to cover most of the floor or just an area of the room. Your bed can be sitting completely on the rug or you may just want the bottom feet of the bed on the rug. Another option for bedrooms is to use runners on either side of the bed. 

Dining rooms or Kitchen eating areas - Measure the length and width of your table. Don't forget to include the leaf if you use it frequently. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 24" - 30" of rug beyond the table on each side. You do not want your chair legs to be sitting off the rug. 

Living or Family Room - A good rule of thumb is to allow 12' - 18" of floor as a border around the rug; however in small rooms, you may want to leave less floor showing. If your room is really large and open, you may want to think about using two different, but related rugs, to anchor each seating area. Your rug should anchor your furniture. Your sofa back legs can be on or off the rug, Typically, an 8x10 rug brings together most furniture groupings nicely. 

It is a good idea to rotate rugs frequently but even more so in sunny summer months. Also rotating your rugs helps them to wear equally and balance any fading that might occur. 

I have collected some photos below that might inspire you to get a new rug! 

Sisal rugs are still a staple! Add a casual and rustic touch to high traffic areas. These Dash & Albert sisal rugs are known for being very durable perfect for sun porch, family room, foyers or dining rooms. 

Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug from Albert & Dash.
This rug comes in 9 color choices and it is a timeless classic.
Perfect way to perk up a bedroom, hallway, stairs, or family room! 

Aqua Herringbone
Coral Herringbone

Dash & Albert diamond patterned Indoor/outdoor. This is an eye-catching
geometric rug in washable, fade resistant polypropylene. The great thing about these is you just hose down and air dry - washable and bleachable!

Dash & Albert Natural Jute Woven Rug - a unique hand-braided weave.
These jute rugs come in 4 gorgeous natural colors! These look great in
bedrooms, foyers, living rooms & sunrooms.
Another Indoor/Outdoor Rug featuring a ripple like graphic pattern
in nature inspired hues (coral above, blue and tan below) all by Dash & Albert!

This vintage inspired Kalaty rug adds just the right amount of color to this neutral room!

Hand knotted Kalaty rug was inspired for casual homes and lifestyles,
this rug has an unique soft look and feel! 
The Ikat (pronounced e-kat) pattern is modern and fashionable.
This one from Kalaty portrays a vintage look. 
This rug from Company C has stripes with a dazzling array of colors. This photo
makes me want to reupholstered my dining chairs! This rug looks great as a runner too! 
This rug from Company C has flower and paisley forms in lemon,
coral and watermelon on an aqua background - notice the color
in this room comes from the pillows, rug and walls.

Tweedy - this rug is reminiscent of the iconic tweed jacket made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1950’s. This Company C rug is available in 6 beautiful colors including a neutral. 
This rug comes in inviting color palette of red or blue. The rug has been washed to give it a sun drenched patina. Another gorgeous rug from Company C!
 And don't forget rug pads!! Every rug needs a pad underneath to ensure safety and prevent slipping and friction against hardwood floors. Rug pads also increase the life of a rug - so you never want to go without one!